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Fashionable Look to Your Home without the Help of Interior Designer

There is a saying ‘face is the index of mind’, in the same way the appearance of a home gives an insight about the characteristic of a personality. Everyone hires Interior designers & decorators today in order to give the modern look to the room. Some of the major constituents of a modern room include impressive pieces like a statue, use of distinctive color textures and eye popping colors that easily attracts the attention of the people visiting in your home.

There are many interior designers in Essex which can give you just the perfect advice when it comes to giving your room the ultimate look. But you can apply some clever intelligent tips without seeking the help of an interior designer.

Maintaining a good proportion between the theme of the room and the colors that are used in the room plays an important role in determining the overall appearance of the room. Two colors: bold and metallic can completely change your room, prevent it from looking dull and instead look modern and well furnished. Paint the pillars with dark colors such as black or gray. This will immediately catch the attention of any one visiting in the room.

If you want to make use of metallic colors, then apply it keeping in mind about the theme of the room. For instance: if you are using the white or black color, then make sure that the background color of the room is red or gray colored.

Textures are always important in order to give your room the desired look. It is not necessary to make use of textures only with colors. Decorate your wall with attractive paintings or a big framed picture.

To give a modern and contemporary look to your living space, it is important to give the ultimate design to the of your room as well. Do not go for furniture’s that are too bulky, as they are old fashioned now. There are a number of sleek furniture’s which are also available and they can give your room the modern look. Choose light colors for your furniture’s, use sofa covers and cushions. Be cautious while choosing the curtains and make sure that their color is in perfect harmony with the theme of the room.

If you have a special ancient piece like artifacts or chandeliers then make the proper use of them. You can place the antique pieces at the center of the guest room on a table or can also place at a separate place. Placing the antique in one particular place will surely attract the attention of those visiting the room. As far as the Chandeliers are concerned, it is good to use them in rooms where guests come in large numbers.

Lamps are another interesting option to create a relaxed atmosphere. You can either use them at your study room or can also place them at certain corners of the dining hall where light does not reach so easily. There are various types of stylish lamps available in the market. You can purchase them according to the type of your room. You can seek the help of the Interior Designers in Gurgaon and know how to make the proper use of the lamp.