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5 Things You’ll Wish You Never Knew About Your Mattress

We lie down on a mattress roughly 33 percent of every day. It’s a time when we relax our bodies and replenish our energy levels so we can be productive the next day. However, there are some interesting yet disturbing facts about mattresses that you probably never knew.
If you do know this somewhat horrifying information, you probably wish you could forget it. Just in case you do want to know, here are five disgusting facts about mattresses. Hopefully, they won’t keep you up at night.

1. Dead Skin Galore

As we sleep, our body sheds dead skin cells and replaces them with healthy skin cells. The process is our body’s way of naturally exfoliating skin that becomes damaged and destroyed.
Where do these shed skin cells go? They gather in your mattress fibres. That is why the average mattress contains more than half a stone of dead skin cells. It’s the equivalent of 7 pounds of skin cells on every mattress.
The longer you keep the same mattress, the more it will weigh because of all this added matter.

2. Dust Mite Communities

The abundance of dead skin cells on mattresses creates the perfect habitat for dust mites. The average person sheds as many as 40,000 dead skin cells every 60 seconds.
Dust mites feed on these dead skin cells to survive. We do not see these dust mites because they are microscopic. But when you consider that 40,000 dead skin cells will fall onto your mattress during each hour that you sleep there, the dust mites have plenty to eat.

3. If It Eats, It Poops

Dust mites are living creatures that poop just like any other. With the thousands of skin cells that they are potentially eating on your mattress each night, think about all the droppings that they will leave behind.
The average mite poops 20 times per day. What’s worse is their poop contains digestive enzymes that help turn it into food for other mites. Who knew we were sleeping in the middle of the circle of life?

4. Bodily Fluids Accumulate

How often do you sweat on your mattress? Just imagine the amount of bodily fluids that have soaked into your mattress over the months and years. The average person produces a litre of sweat every night.
Along with the dead skin cells, this added moisture will attract other organisms and bacteria to your mattress. These germs could actually pose a health risk and make you sick. Therefore, it is best to keep the room temperature as cool as you can while maintaining comfort.

5. Germs and Critters and Mould… Oh, My!

With the increase in bodily fluids, mould and other organisms can pose a big problem on your mattress. Mould spores are attracted to any organic matter with moisture.
Unless your mattress is entirely made from synthetic material, you can expect mould grow among the fibres if you are consistently sweating throughout the night.
It’s just another reason to keep your environment as cool as possible. Otherwise, you need to clean your mattress regularly to avoid the buildup of these mould spores and other nasty germs.