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7 Signs That Your Home Has Water Damage

Water damage is insidious. You know what the signs are that your home suffered water damage? There are several ways you can tell, so be on the lookout for any of the signs and know when to contact professional.

  1. Bad odors.

Water damage, especially when it is in the walls, ceiling, or under the floor, can foster the growth of bacteria and mold. This typically results in a noticeably unpleasant smell. If you notice unusual or unpleasant smells in your home, be on the lookout for potential water damage.

  1. Stains

If you notice a unsightly, uneven stains on your walls or ceiling, it’s a sign of moisture. When water seeps down from above, it usually leaves a blotch on the wall of your home.

  1. Mold growth

If you notice mold growing in out-of-the-way places, you should have it inspected by a mold removal specialist. Not only is mold unsightly, but it can cause further damage and some types may even be dangerous to your health.

  1. Peeling paint

Moisture can cause stains to appear on your walls, but a far more unpleasant possibility is that it can cause your pain to peel. Windy drywall becomes too wet, it causes the paint to lose adhesion and to begin peeling from the wall. If this happens, the only way to repair it is to peel the paint off and repaint that section of the wall. However, the wall will need to be completely dry and evaluated for damage before you do this.

  1. Buckling of the floor

One of the most noticeable signs water damage is buckling in your floor. When water seeps underneath the floorboards, it can cause them to warp and distort. The first way most people discover this is by walking over the floor. If there is damage to your flooring, you may have to remove the carpet and the padding in order to dry it and repair it.

  1. Sagging walls

Just as before can buckle because of moisture, so can the walls in the ceiling. However, this is because of the added weight of the water. When your walls and ceiling begin to sag, they need to be dried out as quickly as possible. If they continue to sag to become a safety hazard.

  1. Unusual humidity

When there is extra moisture in your home, it usually appears in the form of humidity. If your home feels particularly humid for no reason you can tell, you should check for water damage, particularly around pipes and faucets. This is even more so the case for the humidity seems to appear from nowhere.
Water damage is usually silent, and the presence of damage can lead to even more damage if it is not repaired quickly. Contact a water damage repair specialist if you see any of these signs in your home.