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Essential Plumbing Maintenance That Prevents Plumbing Disasters

Hiring a professional plumber to handle problems can cost as much as $200 per hour. While there is always the potential for unexpected issues, there are many things property owners can do to help prevent plumbing issues from developing or growing into disasters that cost thousands of dollar to repair.

Addressing leaks

Leaky pipes can cause significant damage if they are not located and repaired promptly. You can help prevent long-term damage from leaky pipes by checking the pipes under your sinks to make sure there’s no evidence of moisture build-up in vanities or cabinets. It’s a good idea to check the floor and walls in your laundry area, and to routinely inspect the rooms underneath your bathroom and kitchen. Discoloration in the wall or ceiling can also be an indication of a leak.

In addition to dripping taps or leaks in pipes, an improperly placed shower curtain can lead to water build-up on the floor outside your shower or bathtub. This can cause extensive damage to your floors over time. A simple way to help prevent water from ending up on the floor is to install a spill guard. It’s also a good idea to make sure that every family member knows how to position the shower curtain so that water can’t escape. You can test for seepage by placing a towel on the floor along the tub or shower before it’s used and checking to see if it is wet afterwards.

Locating blocks

Flushing rags or clothing can cause a blockage. While it may not be possible to prevent someone from doing this, other types of blockage are preventable. Investing in scheduled storm drain cleaning can reduce the chances of a blockage. Removing debris from the system ensures that the pipes are not clogged by dirt, leaves, or other items that can build up in storm drains.

Investing in sewer video inspections to check on the health of pipes that take sewage from your home can also help prevent blockages. Old pipes made of clay can be penetrated by tree roots, for example. A video inspection can show signs of wear and tear and identify corrosion in the pipes that could contribute to a blockage in the future. Early identification enables a plumber to present you with less expensive options for addressing these issues before they become serious problems.

If your system backs up, you may not be able to use your facilities for days or even weeks until repairs are complete. Preventative maintenance of your pipes can spare you the cost of relocating while repairs are underway. In extreme cases when a blockage causes sewage to flow into your building, repairs can cost thousands of dollars and extend to restorations of floors and walls. This makes investing in video inspection a maintenance option that can save you a significant amount of money.

Preventing damage

It is possible to need extensive repairs if pipes are damaged. Damage can occur in a number of different ways. It may be as simple as putting a nail or screw through a pipe when attempting to hang something in a wall, or installing a fence or post and striking an underground pipe in your yard.

One of the ways to help prevent potential damage is to locate the areas in your home or yard where pipes run. Keeping walls clear in those areas will not only help prevent you from unintentionally damaging a pipe, but it will also reduce the costs of damage if you have a plumbing problem that affects that wall. For example, a leak from a pipe can cause damage to a ceiling and the wall, and the water damage will destroy any artwork hanging in that area.

It is important to know where your external pipes run to prevent damage. This is also something that should be considered before planting trees. Planting a tree in close proximity to your drain pipes can result in penetration and obstruction from roots, which can lead to thousands of dollars in plumbing repairs. If you have a dog that likes to dig, you may also want to keep them away from areas where there are pipes. Simply identifying the location of your pipes and keeping that area clear can help prevent damage from foreign objects.