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Turkish Interior Decorating Ideas to Transform Your Home

Tired of your house’s interior decor? Maybe it is time for you to go Turkish!  Live your Turkey dream from the comfort of your house by only accommodating a few adjustments.

Below are some easy ways in which you can add a traditional Turkish feeling in your home

  1. Turkish tiles

Beautiful tiles in a house can never go unnoticed by anyone. Changing tiles is the easiest yet most effective way to renovate a house that has begun to bore you.

Use original hand-painted Turkish tiles to add a Turkish feel in your kitchen, bathroom, stair risers, patios, and the floor as well.

  1. Turkish rugs

Talk of Turkey and everyone will think of their highly sophisticated Turkish rugs. A Turkey interior design would never be complete without these decorative carpets.

Turkey rugs come in various colors that give your house a warm, comfortable look.

  1. Silver and Copper objects

You will find silver objects in every Turkey home. Go silver all the way from the trays to the encrusted mirrors.

Turkish interior designs involve not only silver but also copper. Invest in copper Turkey items like coffee pots and water jugs.

  1. Hand-painted ceramics

Your house will not look Turkish enough without the hand-painted Turkish ceramic bowls in your kitchen.

These handmade ceramics are made from beautiful natural stones; thus can be used creatively as decor pieces from the living room to any corner of your house.

  1. Lanterns

Hand-cut glass making is one of the oldest art in Turkey. Therefore, you cannot afford to leave out a lantern when creating a Turkish interior design.

Turkey lanterns come in various colors and designs and thus can be used from the kitchen to the living area; literally every desired corner of your house.

Turkish lanterns are not only used to decorate a house, but also in a garden to make it look lit and beautiful.

  1. Turkish inspired knobs

This strategy might sound petty but it really works. Every little detail in creating a Turkish interior design matters regardless of how small it looks.

To complete the Turkish interior design, have some final touches on the knobs of your house furniture.

Look for porcelain or ceramic door knobs to bring out the Turkish feeling eloquently. This will give your plain furniture a new upgraded outlook.

Let the elegant Turkish designs and floral on your knobs give your guest the impression that you love traveling around the world. Well, that does not have to be true really!

  1. Evil eye

Some people might find this weird but, if you have decided to go Turkish, leave no stone unturned.

Turkey people use this art to keep away envious people with bad eyes. The evil eye decoration is a must-have in every Turkey home. You will find it hanging in every home’s entrance.

If you really want your home to look all Turkish, then you have to try the evil eye. Hang it on your door for protection as the Turkey people believe.