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Why You Need a Fireproof Safe and What to Keep in It

It’s widely agreed that the best place to keep valuables and important documents is in the vault of your local bank. However, if you need access to these items on a regular basis, a bank vault can be a little inconvenient. This is one reason why many people are now considering a safe in their home or business. But what is the best type to buy?
A Fireproof Safe for the Ultimate in Protection
Keeping documents and valuables safe from thieves is an important consideration when choosing a safe. However, it’s also worth thinking about other types of scenario that put them at risk. What would happen, for example, if your home caught fire? Being able to retrieve your most valuable possessions and all those important documents will make things a little easier.
Fire Rating
A fire proof safe will be tested and given a certain rating. This rating is an indication of the fire resistance of the safe. The standard level is 30 minutes, with the maximum 2 hours. it would be best to buy a safe with the highest rating you can afford. To receive a fire rating a safe will undergo three types of test. There will be a fire endurance test, an explosion hazard test and a fire drop test.
What You Should Store in Your Fireproof Safe
There are certain items it’s advisable to keep in a fireproof safe. Some of them are irreplaceable, while others will make life much easier when it comes to picking up the pieces after a fire. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Insurance policies – including property, vehicle and life insurance policies
  • Passports and birth certificates – often a hassle when it comes to replacing them
  • Digital copies of family photographs – priceless and most definitely irreplaceable
  • Financial paperwork – including investment documents, retirement plans, bank statements and relevant contact information
  • Legal documents – powers of attorney, copy of wills
  • Valuables – coins, cash, jewellery
  • Spare keys

When it comes to buying a safe, there are so many things to take into consideration. Don’t be tempted to go out and buy the first one you see. Take time thinking about what you want from such a purchase and get some professional advice. Securesafe, is a company that can provide what you need and there is an online support service if you have any questions.