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3 Reasons to Hire a Professional Interior Designer

Undergoing a remodel is always more stressful and time consuming than you think it’s going to be. One solution to this common problem is to hire a professional interior designer. You might have dismissed this thought previously because you thought it would be too expensive or you were worried up giving up your creative license. However, there are a lot of misconceptions about hiring an interior designer. If you’re on the fence about hiring an interior designer, here are three reasons for letting one take point on your renovation.

You’ll get a better result

This is the most obvious benefit. Most interior designers are driven by the ability to deliver a gorgeous design that makes their clients happy. Kansas City-based designer Karin Ross of Karin Ross Designs says this is exactly what makes her job worthwhile.

“The smile that people have on their face when the project is done, and the way they say ‘thank you for creating something for me,’ resolving the problem that they have had, is what keeps me going in this business,” she says.

And it’s true. You will get a wonderful result with a trusted interior designer. They have a knack for making a space vibrant and full of life according to your tastes. You’ll be incredibly grateful that you let a professional take charge.

That being said, not all designers are created equally. If you want to ensure that you get results such as those achieved by Karin Ross, screen and interview interior design professionals to make sure their tastes and work ethic match what you’re looking for in a good designer.

You’ll complete the job faster

The process of renovating a room or entire home is extremely time consuming if you try to do it yourself. You’ll have to work out a budget, find and hire contractors, source products and materials, make countless trips to the hardware store, and put in some of the work yourself. A project that you hoped would take three weeks is suddenly stretched out to three months.

A professional interior designer will save you your most valuable asset: time. Their expertise equips them to give accurate time estimates and work with vendors to ensure that the deadline is met. They have smooth processes from start to finish that allow them to complete a project seamlessly.

They also have lists of trusted vendors and suppliers, which means that you don’t have to spend time and money finding the perfect contractors. They’ll also work more quickly under supervision, so they don’t drag out a job that should have been done in a few days.

You’ll save money

The biggest and often underestimated benefit of hiring a professional designer is their ability to save you money. You might think that it’s more expensive to hire such a professional, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

First off, they get their supplies from vendors at wholesale prices. They know how to shop bargains and get what you want without paying full price. The savings here help make up for the designer’s fee.

The designer also negotiates with contractors and supervises their work. They make sure that contractors don’t overcharge you in any area or charge more for labor than they should. A good designer will take the budget they’re given and deliver an extraordinary product. You won’t have to spend more than you planned to, but you’ll still be happy with the completed work.

Don’t discount an interior designer’s help because you think it will cost too much or they won’t listen to you. There are wonderful designers out there who know how to work with you to help you achieve the renovation of your dreams.