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5 Textures to Use in Your Space

A lot of things come together to make your spaces look and feel the way that they do. Colors matter and so do furniture arrangements, but there’s one factor that all too many people neglect: texture.

Texture is vital to the look and feel of a room. It’s the difference between a flat photo print and the raised brushwork on a painted masterpiece. The right textures can make a room “pop,” giving it a three-dimensional vibe that makes it more comfortable, more practical, more elegant, or — ideally — more of each of those things at once.

But branching out to different textures in your decorating doesn’t always come naturally. Here are five textures you may want to consider for your home.

Elegant rolled canvas

Wall hangings are essential details in any room, but it’s easy to fall into monotony when you consider framed piece after framed piece. Break out of the norm and opt for an elegant canvas print.

Canvas is popular for a reason. The classic choice for painters and other artists, it’s the perfect medium for a personalized print. Upgrade a personal photograph or get an art print, and lend your space some real dignity. Rolled canvas prints will suit virtually any space, and they are a timeless way to display your favorite memories and remind yourself of your most meaningful relationships.

Intricate tapestry fabric

Paintings, prints, and photos aren’t your only options for wall art. Consider hanging fabrics, too!

Your curtains are a great start, but don’t be afraid to branch out to standalone fabric hangings like tapestries and quilts. The fine needlework on an elegant tapestry can make your room look more beautiful while also making it feel more comfortable and homey.

Classic leather

Whether you opt for the well-worn and homey look of old distressed leather or prefer the crisp, smooth look of brand-new leather in a light shade like caramel, you’ll be sure to add a new dimension to your room when you invest in leather furniture and other leather details.

Don’t forget that leather needs care, though. Invest in the right cleaning products and learn how to keep up with your leather’s needs. How and to what degree you allow your leather to age and weather will determine a lot about its personality, so consider your options and your goals. Leather isn’t cheap, so you’ll want to be careful and be sure to get what you want.

Sturdy hardwood

Wood has been a building material of choice for thousands of years, and it remains an essential texture for your home. Sturdy hardwood is perfect for floors and classic furniture that feels heavy and timeless. Consider different finishes that suggest different textures. Matte, gloss, and semi-gloss will have different effects on your wood accents and on the pieces that surround them.

You can also consider vintage and reclaimed wood. The worn and distressed look of older wood can make your space feel rustic or timeless. On the other hand, carefully maintained or restored wood can look high-end and dignified — and timeless in its own way.

Sleek, glossy metal

Metal can do all sorts of work in a room. Heavy industrial metal can make a space look more practical or rustic, while sleek and glossy metal can look minimalist and modern. Consider sleek metal pieces with glossy sheens or simple powder coat finishes — they can really update your space and will have a profound effect on neighborhoring furniture. Just be conscious of how you’re combining looks within one room.