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Front Door Locks: How to Choose It Right

The first line of your home protection starts at your front door. Choosing the right front door lock will diminish the risks of possible break-ins and theft. Even though door locks aren’t the only element of physical security, they are its crucial part.
When choosing the best lock for your home, it’s not about the one that looks right and seems sturdy and robust. There are a number of variables you need to bear in mind, such as the type of door you own, the level of key security you desire, your insurance requirements and the quality of the frame it will be fitted in. Most people don’t have any idea as to how to choose the right lock for their door, so here are several important facts you should know.

Types of locks

In general, there are two types of door locks: deadbolts and knobs or levers. For better security, most people go for deadbolts as they show more durability and resistance in case of a forced entry. They are a bit more expensive as well, but on the plus side, a bit more cash will provide more security. On the other hand, knobs and levers are more affordable, but they are also a secondary type of prot
ection and not as secure as deadbolts.

Getting locked out

Before we move on to more advanced and modern door lock models, there’s one thing that shouldn’t be neglected. One of the most common incidents that happen to many homeowners is getting locked out of their house or apartment. The reasons vary; for example, it could be that they have lost or misplaced their key, but in any case, it does happen quite often.
Luckily, there’s an easy fix! If this ever happens to y
ou, rely on experienced help from local 24-hour locksmith service that specializes in these problems with a swift response rate. Their team of experts can get on the scene in no time and tackle any problem you might have with your house door lock, bolts, deadlocks, padlocks, car doors and even safes and electronic locks.

Modern door locks

With the fast development of technology that happens almost on a daily basis, there’s always something new on the market worth considering. Such is the latest type of doors with an automatic sensor lock, or a smart lock. These are connected to an electronic dashboard that is connected to the key you carry or your smartphone by an app, and they are protected by a password. The focus here is on the convenience and the security features it offers, and its price is currently higher than that of regular types of locks.
Modern design today also offers a great choice of aesthetically pleasing locks, and there’s also a possibility of ordering a custom door lock that will perfectly fit and match your front door. The choice is entirely up to you!


Durability is another very important aspect of door locks. Each type of lock is assigned a security grade, from 1 being the highest to 3 being the lowest. All three categories also include deadbolts, whereas category 1 does not include levers or knobs. Your final choice of a door lock will ultimately depend on the type of security you wish for your home.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, it’s obvious that choosing the right front door lock for your home can be a challenging task as there are many different types to choose from, each with its own characteristics and security level. Also, the design and price range varies, and there’s the option of eliminating keys entirely by installing a smart lock. Whatever the choice may be, it’s up to you. Hopefully, the facts listed here will make your search quicker and easier!