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How to Reinvent Your Home in a Short Space of Time

Do you find the look and arrangement of your room boring or off but do not have the time or financial muscle to make significant changes? Or are you expecting a distinguished visitor and wish to transform the outlook of your house as fast as possible? Well, most people find themselves in the same shoes. Here are great tips on how to reinvent your home in a few minutes.

Change the Furniture Layout

The best way to break the monotony in how a home looks is to change the furniture arrangement. The new configuration might not be the best for you home. However, the process will be exciting. You can later return the furniture their initial position.

Kitchen Makeover

You cannot reinvent your home without having work done in the kitchen. For a small change, start by cleaning the kitchen; get rid of all things that do not belong in there. They include books, paperwork, purses, toys, briefcases among others. You could add wall art to spruce it up.

However, the best way to reinvent your home is to have a complete kitchen makeover. A lot of time is spent in the kitchen, it is the heart of the home. To completely spruce it up and have it reinvented by a reputable kitchen makeover company, who work quickly, is going to make you feel refreshed from the kitchen to the rest of the house. This can include new floor, worktops, blind or curtains. You don’t have to buy new appliances like fridges or freezers if you want it to be cost efficient.

Change Curtains

Reinvent your home by changing the drapes. If you do not have any, buy some quality window and wall curtains to change the colour theme of your house. You can extend the same to other pieces of furniture such as the table, chair, and the other furniture in the room. Clean curtains not only create a new look into the home but also bring freshness into the room. Besides, they take a few minutes to change.

Declutter the House

House clutter is one of the most common vices in homes today. To reinvent your home, remove all the unnecessary items in the house. The place to start is where most foot traffic is experienced such as the living area, dining area, and the kitchen. Start by removing all items that you have kept in these areas but no longer use. The next part is to transfer the things that are not in the right place like clothes, books, plates, among others.

Introduce Scents

Add natural scents to your home to make the visit memorable. You can use fragrances also to hide any foul odour that might have been left by dirty dishes or sweaty clothes. Natural oils, simmer pots and scented candles are some of the ways of letting freshness into the home.


Whether you need your home to be appealing to your expected guest or you want an orderly house, these tips will start you off. You can make the house clean, ordered and smelling fresh in just a few minutes.