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Kinds of Wood That You Should Never Burn

If you are thinking about adding a fireplace or outdoor fire pit to your home, then you should move forward with your idea. A fireplace can really give your home that special twist that it needs, it can change the look and feel of your home and give it a whole new vibe. If you are building a wood fire, then the first thing that you will need is the wood of course. However, it should be kept in mind that not all pieces of wood make great fuel. There are some kinds of wood that you should never burn and that may be due to many different reasons. If you want to buy high quality firewood then you should visit http://firewoodbathurst.com.au/. Some of the kinds of wood that you should not burn are mentioned below.
Green Wood
Whenever you buy firewood then make sure that it is not green. Before any kind of wood is ready for burning, it should be seasoned or dried. Green wood is the exact opposite of that as it has a lot of moisture in it and therefore is difficult to light on fire. Even if you are able to light the wood on fire, it will not burn efficiently and it will produce a lot of unpleasant smoke. If you are unsure whether the wood is green or not then you should ask the seller or check the bark. If the bark is firmly attached then it is a sign of green wood.
Large Pieces of Wood
Never burn big pieces of wood as it is difficult to fit inside the fireplace. Whenever you are buying firewood then make sure that it is no more than 5 inches in diameter. Even if you buy bigger pieces of wood you will have to cut and split it to make it the right size. This might be a good exercise but if you just want to enjoy the fire, then it can become a rather tedious task.
Soft Wood
When you are buying firewood then ask the seller if it is soft wood or not. Trees like cypress and pines have soft wood, and this kind of wood burns very fast and generates a lot of smoke. It leaves very few coals and can cover your chimney with soot. Soft wood might be okay if you are using it in outdoor fires, but it should be used as firewood for indoor fireplaces. http://firewoodbathurst.com.au/ is known to sell high quality firewood.
Driftwood is a kind of wood that has high salt contents and when this salt burns then the chlorine can produce dangerous gases and compounds. Always ask your seller about the kind of wood that you are buying because it can have consequences later on.
http://firewoodbathurst.com.au/ is known to sell the best quality firewood. The kind of firewood that you burn has an important part to play as it can affect the duration of the fire.