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Soft or Hard Landscaping: Leave it to the Pro’s – Here’s Why!

Property developers in many instances think about the hard and soft landscaping as an afterthought and not as an integral part of the development that should be part and parcel of the whole development process from inception. There are very valid reasons why commercial property owners should leave the development of new properties in the hands of professional landscaping companies and we will attempt to list a number of them below:

Integration of the architectural features and the landscape

The use of professionals ensures that there is proper coordination between the architect and the landscaping company that will ensure that the development integrates the built environment into the landscape to ensure that it forms a unit that promotes the brand and contains all the elements of good design. The landscaping plan must be integrated into the site development plan to ensure the holistic integration of all design elements.

Cost Saving

The involvement of the landscaping company from the conceptualisation stage of the proposed development by the architect ensures that the hard landscaping can be done during the construction phase which in turn leads to cost savings as every feature will be planned and considered. There won’t be for instance a need to lift paving to install irrigation systems or rainwater reservoirs as an afterthought but simultaneous construction can take place. The soft landscaping can be planned to direct traffic flow, living walls to reduce electricity usage, water catchments to utilise and control stormwater that can all be placed in the development plan. The maintenance plan of the hard and soft landscaping can also form part of the initial planning.

Sustainable design and development

The use of landscaping companies with their extensive knowledge and contact with suppliers in different areas ensure that the materials used can be sourced at the best price and from local suppliers. In particular, the soft landscaping requires that plants, shrubs, trees and grasses must be suited to local conditions and must be able to withstand the pressures that the development and its traffic can place on living organisms. To this end, professionals can ensure that the development will be sustainable and will continue to complement the developmental goals and result in an increase in the value of the property.

Protection of the environment and bio diversity

The use of professional landscaping companies with their extensive knowledge and expertise ensures that the development will boost the protection of the environment and promote biodiversity. They will also ensure adherence to all local rules and regulations when the development takes place.

Improved budgeting and project management

When professional landscapers are used to do the hard and soft landscaping we find that the budgeting for the project and its maintenance can be done better and more accurately to ensure that the hard landscaping and in particular the soft landscaping always looks at its best and make provision for seasonal changes and plantings to ensure that the property always looks attractive and fresh. The implementation of the project can be better managed and coordinated when the landscapers also act as project managers.