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Special Tricks to Help You Get More from the Reclaimed Dining Table

The old is back and, you know what; it is more enthralling and irresistible. People are now going to great extents to make their dining spaces unique, lovelier, and romantic. This is why reclaimed dining tables such as the English beam dining table and Georgian Architectural dining table among others have become the new must-have pieces. Even with the growing popularity, some still ask the question; why reclaimed? Why not new?

  • Because reclaimed furniture is made from previously used timber, it comes with unique features that cannot be found in new pieces.
  • There is a special connection between the user and the selected dining table because of history and the unique notion of reduced carbon footprint.
  • The special character of reclaimed pieces such as the Rustic dining table and durability has made many people rethink their focus on dé
  • Unlike tables designed from new wood, reclaimed pieces such as the 4 Beam dining tables are stylish and can easily match your style.

Special tricks for caring your reclaimed dining table to get more from it

Selecting a great reclaimed dining table such as Marble dining table is the first step to getting a special thrill back at home. Because the table is designed from old wood, it is important to take good care of it.

  1. Avoid placing very hot items directly on the table

The outlook of the Rustic dining table’s natural grains gives a new meaning to family dining moments. Now, couple the thrill with special lighting and flatware to transform the dining space into an irresistible paradise. To maintain this allure, it is important to avoid placing very hot items directly on the table. Instead, consider using coasters when placing hot items to avoid creating ring marks on your reclaimed dining table.

  1. Clean the table immediately when spills happen

Because the wood used to make the reclaimed dining tables are old, have uniquely placed grains and even nail holes, spills can easily seep through. This can easily compromise the integrity of the table. Therefore, you should always wipe away such spills as immediately as they happen.

  1. Avoid weakening the joints of the table

While it is true that reclaimed wood dining tables are sturdy, solid, and almost indestructible, they need to be handled with a lot of care. You should not drag the furniture when moving it or cleaning the space because the joints will get weakened. Instead, you should always lift and position them on the targeted area carefully. Besides, those using hard floors should position their reclaimed dining tables on soft padding.

  1. Make sure to wax the table for extra protection

To make the reclaimed dining table look more appearing and resistant to attacks, it is strongly recommended that you wax it. The good thing with waxing your reclaimed dining tables such as Axel MK2 Round dining table or Trap Dining Table is that you can apply the wax as many times as possible.

  • Get the right type of wax.
  • Apply the wax evenly on the surface of the Rustic dining table.
  • Leave the dining table for about 30 minutes to dry.
  • Once dry, use another dry piece of cloth to clear off the excess wax from the surface.

Reclaimed dining tables have become the new sensation in most homes. Whether you have a small family dining space or regularly host many visitors for dinner, top marble dining table will help the space to look unique and enthralling. Note that because of their rich outlook, it is very easy to vary the dining room décor or theme during meals. Do not simply go for any meal; select the best-reclaimed dining table for the best dining experience.