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Transforming an Ordinary Rental Bathroom into a Spa Retreat

Bathrooms have significantly gained in popularity over the past couple of years, as we finally started grasping just how important they truly are. Naturally, the world of bathroom decor experienced a boost as well, because nowadays, simply having a beautiful bathroom is not enough. Apart from being beautiful, your bathroom should also be the place that inspires relaxation and that helps you achieve a complete peace of mind at the end of every day.

However, if you’re renting the apartment you live in, usually, most of the large-scale adaptations are out of question. But, the beautiful thing is – it doesn’t take a lot to turn your ordinary bathroom into a beautiful personal oasis. If you’re not sure how you can achieve that, read on.

Invest in luxurious items

The staple pieces of every spa retreat are, of course, big fluffy towels and bathrobes so they should be at the very top of your “to-buy” list. You can even go as far as to monogram them, adding an extra note of elegance and luxury. Additionally, you can also get those soft slippers you usually get in a spa as well as a cosy, soft bathroom mat. Make sure that every one of those things is made of high-quality organic materials because you deserve only the best.

Decorate with useful trinkets

Now, let’s face it, there’s hardly anything better than having a bath in a candle-lit bathroom at the end of a stressful day. Therefore, fill your bathroom with scented candles of soothing aromas, and add a potted plant here and there to add more life to the room. If you don’t know where to place these decorative pieces, or if you lack inspiration, check out modern bathroom supplies by Acqua Bathrooms. You can easily find a variety of bathroom shelves that are modern, easy to install and very practical.

Play with scents

Apart from scented candles, you can – and should – incorporate some other source of a pleasant aroma in your bathroom design. There are various studies that show just how beneficial different scents can be for our body and mind, so do your research and find the ones that suit you best. Aside from scented and essential oil diffusers, you can also place a few bars of scented soap in a large mason jar; not only will they make the air smell beautiful, but they can also work as an interesting decor piece.

Think about the rest of the design

Usually, spas are filled with greenery, relaxing scents, ambient music and items made of luxurious organic materials. So, why not mimic that in your bathroom? Think about the ways you can incorporate all of these elements in your bathroom. Replace your plastic laundry baskets with the organic woven ones and instead of your vinyl shower curtain go for a high-quality cotton one.  Basically, kick everything that looks cheap and is not made of organic materials out and replace it with items that don’t necessarily have to be expensive, but that should at least be of high quality and made of natural materials.

Instead of hiding your bath products, put them on display

Bath salts, bath bombs, organic soap bars and natural bath sponges are the essentials that will make your bathroom look even more like a personal spa retreat. Not only do they simply look amazing and work wonders in terms of the bathroom design but having them on display will remind and encourage you to use them more frequently. Good for the body – good for the mind.

As you can see, creating your own personal oasis is not that difficult at all. You just need a hint of creativity, some inspiration and enough willpower to treat yourself to an amazing spa experience right in the comfort of your own home.