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What Could Be Wrong With My Air Conditioner?

Few things are as inconvenient as a broken air conditioner. They never break at a convenient moment, and when temperatures on the Big Island soar, you want to get things cooled down again quickly. You may have to call for professional help, but there are some troubleshooting steps you can take first that might fix the problem.

Is it plugged in?

This is only valid if you have a window or ductless mini-split unit, but it’s always a good step to start with. You just never know if the kids or a pet might have knocked out the plug, and this could be simplest way to get relief on a sultry Hawaii afternoon.

What is the thermostat set to?

Just as with the plug, it’s possible for the thermostat to get knocked off temperature. This can happen when someone is cleaning nearby, from a child playing with it, or just an accidental swipe as people go near it.

Another possible issue is that you forgot to change the thermostat from heating to cooling, or vice versa. This happens a lot at the beginning of a season.

Has the circuit breaker popped?

Most HVAC air conditioners run on their own circuit breakers. This means that if the AC breaker goes, you might not notice it right away because everything else in the house will still be working. Take a moment to check the breaker.

Go to the main electrical panel for your home and check that all the circuit breakers are set to ON. You may have them labeled, and that will make things easier. If the breaker trips as soon as you turn it on again, call AC repair in Honolulu to look at your unit.

Is the air filter clogged?

If the air filter gets too clogged, it can cause low airflow, iced up lines, water leaks, and lead the AC to shut off. Your energy bills might be too high because the unit is working overtime, and you will likely feel uncomfortable in the house.

The air filter is a crucial part of your unit. Protecting the unit itself from dust and grit and your family from allergies. This air filter normally needs to be changed out at least every six months, but if you have pets, or after Kuna Days’ fireworks, you may have to change more frequently.

Is the outdoor unit clean?

This tip only applies if you have an HVAC unit. Your outdoor condenser may need to be cleaned. Take a look at it, and if you see a lot of dirt, try gently spraying it with your garden hose to clear everything off.

Don’t spray too hard and never use anything hard like a stick to scrape off dirt and grime. If a gentle spray doesn’t do the job, call in professionals to get it properly cleaned.

Are your air vents clear?

If the air vents are clogged or blocked, you might have trouble getting the most out of your air conditioning system. The unit will struggle to keep the place cool, and you might see ice on your lines. If the situation continues, it could even damage the compressor.

Go into each room of the house and make sure all the vents are clear. This includes the supply vents where air is sucked into the system as well as delivery vents that blow cool air out. Move drapes, rugs, or furniture that might be blocking these vents and clean them off if they are dusty.

If you have tried everything listed above but are still experiencing problems, it’s time to call in a professional HVAC technician to troubleshoot the unit. Getting your unit fixed can lower your energy bills and will definitely make you more comfortable.