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10 Must-Have Elements of Modern Kitchen Design

The kitchen is one part of the house that has undergone rapid transformation in recent times. The traditional definition and look of a kitchen has transformed in more ways than one.
The kitchen as we all know is a part of a house where all or a large portion of cooking related activities take place.
The main function of a kitchen is to serve as a location for preparing, cooking and subsequently storing food.
There are two major types of kitchen, they include:

  • Residential kitchens
  • Commercial kitchens

Our article today will focus on must-have elements of a modern residential kitchen design. They include:

Lack of ornamentation

This is one of the areas where modern kitchens stand out from contemporary kitchens.
You would never encounter a tile with patterned shapes in a modern kitchen. That’s unnatural. You might see counter flat-paneled door styles including sleek hardware joined by a full length glass back.
Lack of ornamentation is one of the characteristics that make modern kitchens stand out. They tend to keep things simple.

Horizontal lines

This may or may not be on purpose but if you look closely enough at modern kitchens you’ll notice that they have a high affinity for long, horizontal hardware. This is sometimes done to accentuate drawer lines.
More often than not, you’ll notice that modern kitchens feature a horizontal theme.

Industrial elements

Few things are as modern as industrial details. Some would say that they are the pinnacle of modern design.
There is something unexplainable about the raw elements of industrial details. These details are instantly identified as being modern.
It’s safe to say that no modern kitchen is truly complete without industrial elements.

Natural elements

Don’t misquote us; we never said that modern kitchen owners should completely get rid of ornaments. We only advised against excessive ornamentation.
Modern kitchens can feature a little bit of ornamentation, but when they do, they should get it from natural characteristics in natural materials.
An excellent example of this would be oak’s horizontal grain.


A lot of homes incorporate pantries in their kitchens to create a little more space and make them a little more open.
Pantries give your kitchen and home a more spacious feel. This is done by making cupboards less visible and hiding a few of the kitchen functions.
Pantries also provide you with extra storage space for appliances, food and even an extra sink.
They vary in size and functionality, so don’t be scared to incorporate a pantry into your home.

Sliding paneled sink

Your kitchen sink is a hole on your countertop and it just messes up the aesthetics of your surface and kitchen in general.
It’s safe to say that kitchen sinks are a necessary evil that all kitchens must have. With sliding panels you can make it look a little less disruptive.

Storage on countertops

While creating magic in the kitchen, your tools might prove to be harder to find and get to than expected. Countertop storage keeps your tools in your line of sight and within arms reach.
Countertop storages are a minimalist’s dream. They keep everything clean and tidy without taking too much space.

Space efficient cabinets

Anyone that has ever been inside a kitchen would know that they occupy a lot of space. Some might say that they take up too much space and they wouldn’t be wrong.
According to independent researches done by analysts, cabinets/ cupboards occupy 70% or more of a regular kitchen total space.
Introducing space-efficient cabinets would save you a lot of kitchen space and make your kitchen genuinely modern.

Eye catching lighting

A light bulb’s job transcends way beyond just keeping a room well lit. Nowhere else is that fact more true than in modern kitchens.
The lighting in a kitchen is meant to capture the attention of all those around it.  Incorporating flamboyant lighting might be what your kitchen needs.

Sliding cooktop covers

This element is similar to sinks with sliding panels over them. Cooktops take a considerable amount of space, so to save space you can decide to invest in a sliding cook top cover. It will convert the area your cooktop into a flat top counter when not in use.
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